Mariella is very kind and friendly and both we and our baby got along well with her right away. The first week of our new life with a baby was scary and there was so much we didn’t know. Mariella was always there supporting us, attentive and thoughtful, answering all our questions and giving us suggestions. She taught us everything we need to know about how to take care of our baby. But also how to handle the stress of the new responsibility, the tiredness of those intense days and the frustration at the beginning of the breastfeeding. She also helped with cooking, making household stuff or just taking care of the baby time to time so we could sleep a bit during the day and relax a bit. Since the first time we met she gave me precious advice for the breastfeeding that I used when I was at the hospital and once at home. Breastfeeding wasn’t that easy at the very first day, it was frustrating. Fortunately she was there explaining me the importance of a natural approach and showing me different positions and techniques that give me the confidence and the tranquility that I needed. And it worked, I found the position that suit me more and the successful technique. Thanks to Mariella now we feel prepared and conscious in taking care of our baby. Her help was fundamental and priceless so we highly recommend Mariella and we are sure you will not regret.

Mariella was of great help to our new family of four in during the days she spent with us. She helped me a lot with breastfeeding, showed me a lot of positions so I can see what best fits me and coached me to get the baby to latch properly and to prevent problems I encountered while breastfeeding my first baby. I am so grateful for all her support with breastfeeding and her dedication to make it a beautiful experience. She is very knowledgeable on this topic and also quite passionate about it.
I had quite a heavy rupture during birth and she also helped me with advice and information about physiotherapists in the area where I live who could help me with my situation.
We had a great support from her as a family, my older boy had a good click with her, she made time for him, involved him in activities around the baby and shared with me how she delt with the arrival of a new baby in her own family. 
She cooked for us the most delicious vegan soups and we had a lot of nice conversations when time allowed it. She really became part of our family in the days she spent with us and we felt relaxed and very comfortable with her. She is calm, knowledgeable, resourceful and kind. A great combination for her profession. I highly recommend her for the quality of her work, the dedication and passion she brings when she enters the house.