Else – Januari 2022
We zijn zeer tevreden en blij met de hulp die we van Mariella hebben gekregen tijdens de kraamweek. We hebben veel geleerd en zijn goed verzorgd. Mariella is een expert op het gebied van borstvoeding. Een echte aanrader!

Munisha & Shilun – December 2021
Mariella is very professional and definitely an easygoing person. She has very strong passion on her work and has lots of knowledge about taking care of new born baby, helping mom to recover as well as helping with breastfeeding. As an expat couple in the Netherlands who didn’t speak Dutch, we found it very lucky to have her as our kraamzorg. We would highly recommend her to all parents to be.

Koosje – November 2021
Mariella heeft ons erg goed verzorgd de hele kraamweek, dankzij haar was het een ontspannen periode. Ze maakte heerlijke broodjes, fruitsalades of een avondmaaltijd en zorgde dat het bezoek ook goed verzorgd werd. Het huis was schoon, de was gedaan etc. Dankzij haar ervaring als borstvoedingscoach kon ze goed ondersteunen bij de borstvoeding (aanleggen etc). Ze ging ook heel leuk om met onze andere kinderen. Ik zou haar zeker aanraden!

Jannie & Marco – Juni 2021
Mariella als kraamhulp is in één woord fenomenaal. Na ons eerste kind was het voor ons heel duidelijk dat, naast zorg voor de baby, het herstel van mama cruciaal is. Mariella snapt dat en stelde ons gerust dat ze er alles aan zou doen om ons een vliegende start te geven. Ze heeft haar belofte meer dan waard gemaakt. Mariella heeft oog voor alles wat je maar nodig kan hebben tijdens de kraamweek. Grote plus voor ons is haar kennis en kunde rondom borstvoeding. Daarnaast heeft zij een groot aanpassingsvermogen, een prettige energie en is ze erg zorgzaam. Met kraamzorg door Mariella ben je verzekerd van kwaliteit. Wij kunnen Mariella van harte aanbevelen en mocht er een volgend kindje komen, dan willen we heel erg graag dat ze weer onderdeel van ons team thuis kan zijn!

Carina & Jason – Juni 2021
My husband and I both believe that it takes a very special person to be a kraamzorg caregiver and Mariella is no different. We loved having her in our home, learn from her and get to know her. Mariella is caring, hardworking, more than willing to share her wealth of knowledge and she listens to your wishes and concerns and makes sure to address these accordingly! Throughout the kraamweek she also recalled specific things that my husband and I mentioned to her during our intake which proved to us that she really listened and tailors her care to each couple/family in order to ensure that their (our) needs are met. We had some trouble with breastfeeding during the kraamweek and we felt that Mariella supported and guided us through the challenges we were facing. She will always hold a special place in our hearts as the person that taught us so much of what we know as parents and set the groundwork for us to be the best parents we can be.

Georgina – Maart 2021
Mariella is een ervaren en gedreven kraamverzorgster. Ze heeft de hele week ons goed ondersteunt met de komst van onze nieuwe baby. Borstvoeding ging door de goede begeleiding deze keer goed! Ik zou Mariella zeker aanraden aan andere mama’s-to-be!

Bruna – Februari 2021
Mariella was amazing! Since our first conversation she was very attentive, taking notes about my expectations and doubts and during her time with my family she answered all of them. She helped me a lot with my breastfeeding and I can say that I can only do that 100% of the time now because of her care and instructions. I had a c-section and my milk was delayed, so she helped me on the plan to have an stimulation but also with the emotional support. I really appreciate her care with me and my baby, she demonstrated love and support all the time and also teached me and my husband how to take care of our little one. Another good point was her proactive posture, she always checked how she could help in something.

Brittany – January 2021
Mariella is gold! Our meetings prior and the kraam week with Mariella were just simply amazing. We really loved how educated she was in multiple areas of baby care, breastfeeding and parenting practices. The way she cared for me and our baby boy was just so gentle and we felt truly loved by Mariella because she is so passionate about her work! We learned so much from Mariella, information that we feel really set us up for success as first-time parents. From the time she entered our home in the mornings she never stopped, she was constantly doing things around the house as well. I am an American and my mother could not be here due to corona, so having Mariella meant so much to me. We feel that we have gained so much more than a kraam week in Mariella, we gained a life long friend to watch us grow! We cried the day our week was over. She will surely see us through the rest of our children later in life! We truly love Mariella!

Elaine & Lorenzo – December 2020
Hele goede, vriendelijke en persoonlijke zorg. Een eerste kraamweek om nooit te vergeten; we hebben een vliegende start gemaakt dankzij Mariella. Geweldig ontbijt, lunch, huishouden werd heel fijn overgenomen en bovenal voortreffelijke zorg voor baby, moeder en vader. Daarnaast een enorme pré dat Mariella heel veel weet van het geven van borstvoeding. Dit was even lastig met wat opstartproblemen (tepelkloven, baby goed leren aanhappen, etc.) maar Mariella heeft ons bij elke stap goed begeleid en met haar hulp is het uiteindelijk gelukt pijnloos borstvoeding te geven. Heel blij mee! Kortom: we zouden Mariella aan iedereen aanbevelen en zouden haar hulp heel graag weer inschakelen bij een eventueel volgend kindje 🙂

Mariella is very kind and friendly and both we and our baby got along well with her right away. The first week of our new life with a baby was scary and there was so much we didn’t know. Mariella was always there supporting us, attentive and thoughtful, answering all our questions and giving us suggestions. She taught us everything we need to know about how to take care of our baby. But also how to handle the stress of the new responsibility, the tiredness of those intense days and the frustration at the beginning of the breastfeeding. She also helped with cooking, making household stuff or just taking care of the baby time to time so we could sleep a bit during the day and relax a bit. Since the first time we met she gave me precious advice for the breastfeeding that I used when I was at the hospital and once at home. Breastfeeding wasn’t that easy at the very first day, it was frustrating. Fortunately she was there explaining me the importance of a natural approach and showing me different positions and techniques that give me the confidence and the tranquility that I needed. And it worked, I found the position that suit me more and the successful technique. Thanks to Mariella now we feel prepared and conscious in taking care of our baby. Her help was fundamental and priceless so we highly recommend Mariella and we are sure you will not regret.

Mariella was of great help to our new family of four in during the days she spent with us. She helped me a lot with breastfeeding, showed me a lot of positions so I can see what best fits me and coached me to get the baby to latch properly and to prevent problems I encountered while breastfeeding my first baby. I am so grateful for all her support with breastfeeding and her dedication to make it a beautiful experience. She is very knowledgeable on this topic and also quite passionate about it.
I had quite a heavy rupture during birth and she also helped me with advice and information about physiotherapists in the area where I live who could help me with my situation.
We had a great support from her as a family, my older boy had a good click with her, she made time for him, involved him in activities around the baby and shared with me how she delt with the arrival of a new baby in her own family. 
She cooked for us the most delicious vegan soups and we had a lot of nice conversations when time allowed it. She really became part of our family in the days she spent with us and we felt relaxed and very comfortable with her. She is calm, knowledgeable, resourceful and kind. A great combination for her profession. I highly recommend her for the quality of her work, the dedication and passion she brings when she enters the house.

We had a wonderful week of teaching with Mariella! After initial difficulties with breastfeeding, she was able to give me good advice and support. She was very flexible in her scheduling, so she could also take care of me when I was not feeling well. The time with Mariella was very pleasant and I miss her very much since she left us. We can only recommend her.

Helaas zit onze fantastische kraamweek er weer op. Mariella heeft ervoor gezorgd dat deze week zorgeloos voor ons is verlopen. Dit is ons eerste kindje en ze heeft ons helemaal wegwijs gemaakt in het verzorgen van een baby.
Mariella weet heel erg veel over het geven van borstvoeding. Dit is iets wat ik best wel had onderschat, maar met haar goede hulp gaat het nu heel gemakkelijk. Waar ik het aan het begin van de week nog had over overgaan op flesvoeding, is dat nu iets waar ik niet eens meer over nadenk.
Mariella paste perfect binnen ons gezin. Door haar aanpassingsvermogen en empathisch vermogen weet ik zeker dat ze binnen heel veel andere gezinnen ook perfect past. Bedankt voor de super fijne kraamweek!