First of all congratulations with your pregnancy!

This is an exciting period and the beginning of a new chapter.

For this new time in your life you want and deserve the best support and guidance. A professional, empathetic maternity nurse who senses what is needed, listens and discusses every step with you to ensure you get enough rest  and your baby blossoms in those early days.

That’s the maternity nurse that I can be for you. My name is Mariella, I am a mother of 3 lovely children including two teenagers. I love healthy tasty food and I love health in general.

After a long period of working in management positions and having lived abroad with my family, it was time for a new work challenge. When we moved back to The Netherlands I was looking for a new career with responsibility, a job where I could work independently, yet with people and preferably something in the health field.

In 2018 I did the necessary study and I knew right away that I found my vocation!

As a maternity nurse you can truly make the difference for a family in the early days of a new baby, enhancing this time in every way. Every family is different and every new  baby  and indeed birth is different  which makes my role such a privilege and so exciting and varied!

After having worked with great pleasure for more than two years for a kraamzorg agency I made the switch to start on my own with my own business, taking all the great experiences and learnings from the last two years with me.

Whether you decide to breastfeed or to bottlefeed, I will guide you with both with great effort and understanding.

If you wish to breastfeed I will give you all the necessary support guiding you and your baby with breastfeeding is an important and beautiful task. How wonderful is it when at the end of the week the mother feels secure and well informed with a baby that is growing well. To give good support I have followed additional courses and I started a new study to become a Certified Lactation Consultant.

Maternity care in different languages
Because of my own experience as an expat I know how it is to find your way in a new environment with a newborn without the support of having family and friends around. Besides Dutch I am fluent in English and Italian, I speak Spanish and basic French.